Redefining Corporate Innovation

How we Innovate for Change

0100 Innovation brings best practices, coupled with the latest methodologies to bolster corporate innovation. Our team is made up of Entrepreneurs with various backgrounds, skillsets and experience, from product design and implementation, to business development and go to market strategies. In the 21st century, innovation is not about cutting corners but adapting to change and working with the best!

Innovative products


Learn innovation from Entrepreneurs
Open up to latest trends & methodologies
Learn from real case studies
Pre-built & custom packages

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Internal & External hackathons
Bolster your corporate culture with innovation
Market your strengths to the Entrepreneurial market
Discover & Connect with the next generation top talent

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Community Outreach

Expand your audience
Evangelise your products to developers
Increase the appeal of your company in the tech community
Participate in cutting edge technology discussions

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Open Innovation

Entrepreneur for Hire
Run your Internal or External accelerator
Discover new or improve your existing products
Partner with startups
Find investment opportunities

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Case studies

SwissRe Hackathon Bratislava 2017

April 07-09 

SwissRe Hackathon Bratislava 2017

Bringing 100 Hackers to Bratislava from 16 countries and 4 continents for 72 hours of caffeine fueled hacking!

  • 15 final
    teams and products
  • 13,000 EUR
    in prize money
  • 500k+

Next Events


Next Events

Community Forum for future innovation

  • Evangelising
    cutting edge technologies
  • 100
    participants per event
  • 3 expert
    speakers per event

Internal Workshop

Top EU Aerospace Client 

Internal Workshop

Introducing latest innovation methodologies to the aviation industry

  • Disrupting
    established markets
  • Bringing
    change to corporate machines
  • Working
    with MVP's


Looking for a Dream Job?

Join our team, we are hiring!

We are currently looking for Senior System Architect / CTO for e-commerce joint venture.

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